Famoso Wines


Famoso Wines Selection (FWS) is a dynamic and innovative distribution Brand of imported Fine Wines operating in Asian Market.

It is just our passion for the wine and its world, the fascinating environment of the cellars and their millenary traditions, the curiosity for the stories of people hidden in each bottle, the beauty of the vineyards, the happiness in shearing extraordinary bottles of fine wines with friends, and much more that brought us to undertake this amazing initiative.
Our criteria in selecting wines is always oriented to choice the best available in the market. We travel around the world for selecting the best producers of wine and ensure to our costumers the best products

So, Famoso Fine Wines Specialist does not limit its work in importing and distributing wine in Asian Market. Today we are planning a new project that include wine boutiques and deli corner where appreciate wine with delicious Italian specialities as well.

The project, called Famoso Wine & Deli, is based on a wine boutique where appreciate wine under the guide of a wine specialist and a deli restaurant oriented to easy and fast served dishes of Italian origin. Tasting wine in perfect conditions.
In addition, as last born, there is the Famoso Fine Wines Club  a wine club turned to all those persons that are interested in discover and grow their knowledge in wine. Once affiliate the client will be able to experiment six different wines a month directly to his home.
In all cases, if you are an imported wine distributor, or an enterprising person interested in start wine business, or a wine discovery’s person, and desire to receive more information about the opportunity we offer, just contact us now.

So, we focus just on:

Wines of great personality

not only famous and award-winning wines from great producers, but also unknown wines of small wineries

Authentic wine

we love wine and we love those who do it well, we like the wines made as a wine must be made “real”, with environmentally friendly practices in the vineyard and in the cellar, until the bottle

Local wines

we like to find wines which express the essence of the terroir for history and tradition, wines capable of telling the most of their place of origin and their interpreters.

Wines to discover

we like to go to find vines almost forgotten, vines considered minor, remained unknown to the public for years, but able to create outstanding wines of great personality.

Wines can trust

we like to choose wines that we would be proud to recommend to our best friend.Drinking wine without something appropriate to eat means do not get the real sense of life.